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Basic and mixed colours

Production of UV Flexo inks

The UV Flexo inks we produce follow international trends and meet international expectations. We have divided our inks into several series according to the different areas of use.

  • Standard
  • Luminescent
  • Lacquers
  • Cationic
  • Fluorescence
  • Light resistant
  • White
  • Gold Silver
  • Low migration
  • Additives

You can find detailed information about them on our Products page:

Contract manufacturing

You have a great product or idea, but you just don’t have the technology to manufacture it?

Look no further, with 30 years of experience, great chemical knowledge, Swiss pearl mills, mixers and sipersers we are more than happy to help

Is it old, gone or just clinging to it?

unique development

Our inks can be tailor made for your needs, it matters not if we are talking about colour matching, or changing in properties.

You were using a certain ink which has disappeared from the market, but you still want to use something similar? Reach out to us, and we are most certainly will be able to help. We can colourmatch from printed sample or wet sample, and we can adjust properties from wet samples.

With the most modern technology

Colour mixing

We are equipped with the newest Ink Formulatuion 6 software, and spectrodensitometers.

We can match any unique, or PMS colour, even on different substrates.

If you can give us a code, and a wet sample from your unique colour, we can make it for You.

Have a question? We help!


You are in the printing industry, or something adjacent, and you have found a problem, or you are just looking for consulting?

Our professinal consulting has helped a lot of our partners already. In the last 30 years we have got familiar with a lot of sections of the printing industry, and we have offered a lot of solution, sometimes thanks to our outside of the box thinking.


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