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The main activity of JKM Pronat Kft. is the production and development of UV Flexo inks. Colour mixing and professional advice.

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The company founder:
Dr. Laszlo Juhász

We understand the language of colours

JKM Pronat Ltd. was founded in 1992. In the beginning we started with manufacturing water and solvent based flexographic printing inks.

In 2006 we started to research the UV flexo printing inks, and in a short time we started to manufacture it too. At this time, only two people worked here. Soon we started to grow, and nowadays our company consists of six people in our own modernized production area.

In 2010 we gradually stopped the water and solvent based inks production, because of the changing trend in environmental protection and decreasing customer demand. But still, even today, we make special water based pigment dispersions too, based on individual orders. Simultaneously the UV curing line has multiplied, now our production range can satisfy all special needs.

Our maximum production capacity is 15 tons of coloured ink, 20 tons of white ink and 25 tons of Varnishes in a month, so we are very competitive in the UV Flexo market. In our fully equipped laboratory we put a great emphasis on research and development. Our company is proud of the ability to come up with a solution in a short time to satisfy all customers’ needs.

Among our products you can find base inks, low migration inks, which contain only raw materials approved by EuPia and cationic inks. Our new hybrid product which can be used on machines with LED lamps will be available soon. By customers’ demands we can make all colours according to the industry standard scale or copy it from a printed sample based on the customer’s demand, in the chosen ink line. Our portfolio also includes Varnishes, additives and specialized white inks for specific substrates.

Our work is up to ISO standards. Quality control is of prime importance for us, as well as follow up of our products. We have been working with reputable companies for many years now, just to mention a few: Mizsepack Kft., Imprenta Printing Industry Kft. and Lexikon Kft. Our main markets are Hungary, Middle Europe, Balkans and the Middle East.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will do our best to deliver the best solution in a short time!

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